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Larry Murley
Author, Person, Student of Human Nature and History


Larry will talk about the Army of Tennessee at the Heritage Festival on Saturday, June 18th.

Novelist from Corning
Josh McIntosh reviews Larry in his home town of Corning, Arkansas in the Clay County Courier.

Confederate Hero Cotillion
Larry talks about his Civil War ancestors at the Albert Sidney Johnston Camp #67 at the Confederat Hero Day Cotillion.


Email: Larry@LarryMurley.com

Tel:  936-446-0313



I've lived three quarters of a century and have decided to write about things I've done in my life and things I wished I'd done in my life.



templatemo.comLoss of Innocence - A Vietnam War Story
The story of the early days of the Vietnam conflict, and one young man's journey into that covert world. Larry's new book was inspired from his tour in Vietnam in 1962. READ MORE
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Ok, your world is running along really good. You have everything you need. Good home, transportation, plenty of food, security. Then, suddenly, one day that all ends. The grocery stores are all closed, there is no gas for your car, the... READ MORE
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Young Josh leaves his home in the hills of northern Mississippi to go and join the Confederate Army at Corinth, Mississippi in April, 1862 to help defend his home form the damn Yankees, only to discover the war will test everything he believes in. As the months progress, he describes...READ MORE


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Irish Daniel Murley and his father Cornelius forge a new life in 18th century colonial Viriginia Colony, fighting in the French & Indian Wars, and eventually for a new nation in the Revolutionary War. READ MORE
A Wild West Story about 4 very different people and how they come together in the top of the Rockies about 1910.


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