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Preston Jones interviewing Larry Murley about his time in Vietnam in 1962 Covert Operations in South Vietnam 1962
Larry Murley went to Vietnam in early 1962 as an Air Force radar technician to train South Vietnamese forces. Soon after arriving in South Vietnam, he became involved in covert operations, and later trained Montagnard forces in the Central Highlands. Among other experiences, he escaped captivity by the Vietcong. Interviewed by Preston Jones and posted as part of the "War & Life: Discussions with Veterans" project.

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Memorial Day with Crystal Mountain
This week on Hear Ye Hear Ye, the King is joined by Larry Murley, author, artisan, and American veteran. With the help of his wife, Larry has been able to open Crystal Mountain, a Texas Renaissance Festival booth that sells oils and incense, as well as share his stories from the Vietnam war with the world through his several books.Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Texas Renaissance Festival podcast on Episode 31.

Voices of Vietnam
Larry talks about his experience with the Dega People of the Vietnam central highlands on With Good Reason Radio on Episode Two, Part Four.

Historical Talk
Larry will be speaking to the Montgomery County Genealogical and Historical Society on Thursday May 10, 2018 at the Strake Gray Conference Center, Heritage Museum in Conroe, Texas. He will be speaking about PTSD and history.

Book Signings
Larry had a very successful book signing at the Corning Public Library in Corning, Arkansas on September 9, 2017 and at the Ripley Historical Museum in Ripley, Mississippi on September 16, 2017.

Civil War Talk
Larry spoke about the Army of Tennessee at the Heritage Festival on Saturday, June 18, 2017.

Novelist from Corning
Josh McIntosh reviews Larry in his home town of Corning, Arkansas in the Clay County Courier.

Confederate Hero Cotillion
Larry talks about his Civil War ancestors at the Albert Sidney Johnston Camp #67 at the Confederate Hero Day Cotillion.



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I've lived four score years now and have decided to write about things I've done in my life and things I wished I'd done in my life.


Current Publications

templatemo.comLoss of Innocence - A Vietnam War Story
The story of the early days of the Vietnam conflict, and one young man's journey into that covert world. Larry's new book was inspired from his tour in Vietnam in 1962. READ MORE
templatemo.comA Journal of a Journey - An Odyssey Through Space & Time
You stop and acquire food from a street vendor in an old neighborhood in an east coast American city. You spy an old bookstore... READ MORE
templatemo.comAfter Texas Sank
Ok, your world is running along really good. You have everything you need. Good home, transportation, plenty of food, security. Then, suddenly, one day that all ends. The grocery stores are all closed, there is no gas for your car, the... READ MORE
templatemo.comWhite Lines And Lot Lizards
Evan Smith finds himself without direction after returning home from Vietnam in 1969. After some wild rides and journeys, Evan discoveres the world of the Over-The-Road truck drivers, today's modern day cowboy's driving their stainless steel stallions. READ MORE
templatemo.comAfter Bloody Shiloh
Young Josh leaves his home in the hills of northern Mississippi to go and join the Confederate Army at Corinth, Mississippi in April, 1862 to help defend his home form the damn Yankees, only to discover the war... READ MORE
templatemo.comMoments From the Mists of My Mind
A collection of poems I've written over the past several years. All sorts of subjects. READ MORE
templatemo.comA 190-Degree Horizon
Texas cowboy Marsh Redman had always wanted a ranch of his own. He found it in a valley high in the top of the Colorado Rockies, where he met pretty Sarah Burns... READ MORE
templatemo.comObservations of an Aging World - Thoughts in Rhyme
More poetry. Still a variety of subjects, although most are similar in topic to my first book of poetry. READ MORE
templatemo.comThe Other Side of the Flag
Irish Daniel Murley and his father Cornelius forge a new life in 18th century colonial Viriginia Colony, fighting in the French & Indian Wars, and eventually, for a new nation in the Revolutionary War. READ MORE
templatemo.comMemiors of a Country Boy - or, Are There Any of Them Big Ol' Red Crawdads Over on Ring Slough?
Larry Murley wanted to write a story of his coming of age in his community in Clay County, in Northeastern Arkansas during the 1950’s. He didn’t want it to be just his story,... READ MORE
templatemo.comBones Along the Brazos
William Russell Bowen was born into a prominent frontier family. Heir to generations of heros, William must find his own place in history amongst the movers and shakers of the early 19th century. But as a middle son.. READ MORE


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